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September 17, 2016

#MACleanAir Challenge (formally know as Car Free Week) is back for another weeks of prizes, events, and promotion in celebration of clean air commuting - thta is, transpoertation choices that reduce harmful emissions and clear the air for everyone. This year, we are posing the challenge with one simple question: What can you do to reduce CO2?


Take the Challenge:

Every day, we'll celebrate a different clean air commute choice and reward those who log their trip into NuRide - one $100 Amazon card each day, plus three $20 Dunkin Donuts cards daily on social media.


Here's how to win:  

Monday: Double up/Carry more (Carpool or Vanpool) 

Tuesday: Right on Track (Transit) 

Wednesday: Best Foot Forward (Walk) 

Thursday: Stay Put (Telecommute)

Friday: Pedal On (Bikers) 

Weekend: Wildcard --> any clean air commute trip wins!

Find out more at and check out NuRide at

August 1, 2016

This August, A Better City TMA and the Seaport TMA are teaming up to bring you WaterTransit Month. Water Transit Month focuses on highlighting alternative transportation options available in Boston such as the MBTA Commuter Ferry, connector ferries, and water taxis.  By creating events centered around water transportation, A Better City TMA and Seaport TMA hope to increase awareness in an effort to reduce commuter traffic and environmental impact, as well as promoting these alternatives as a viable option for a growing and changing Boston Waterfront. 

For more information, visit our #WTMBoston page here