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Relax For the Long Haul!  Ditch the drive-alone commute, in fact, ditch driving all together! Join a vanpool; we'll help foot the bill!

Vanpools traveling to Boston are looking for commuters interested in leaving their cars at home and saving money. Traveling via a vanpool can save commuters up to $5,000 in annual transportation costs and vanpooling qualifies for the pre-tax commuter benefit! A Better City TMA’s Vanpool Subsidy will reduce the cost of vanpooling by $220.00 over 6 months.  Couple your cost savings with getting valuable time back in your day to read, work or sleep and vanpooling really adds up. 

Don't know of any vanpools in your area? Find existing vanpools or start your own with vRIDE or Enterprise Rideshare.

About vRide

vRide logovRide is a ride sharing platform that offers you an economical way to work. vRide has been serving commuters for over 30 years saving them thousands of dollars each year. We are about service and value.



About Enterprise Rideshare

Rideshare by enterprise logo.With Enterprise Rideshare, you'll experience the same Enterprise Rent-A-Car customer service that has made us a national leader. We transport more than 25,000 riders a day in our vanpools. Enterprise Rideshare is a natural extension of the local car rental service that Enterprise pioneered and continues to provide.



Who is eligible?

Any employee or tenant of an A Better City TMA member company currently driving alone three days a week or more is eligible. Participation is also extended to commuters who switched commuting modes within the last three months. Proof of driving alone (parking pass, receipt, etc.) and completion of an initial survey will be required prior to final registration.

How does it work?

Participants receive a subsidy of $220.00 towards their vanpool fare. The subsidy is spread out over the course of six months and comes in the form of Commuter Checks. Participants are required to complete monthly reports to receive the next month’s subsidy.


Subsidies are in the following increments:

  • $50 for 1st & 2nd month
  • $35 for 3rd & 4th month
  • $25 for 5th & 6th month


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What if I need to get home unexpectedly?

A Better City TMA gives you commuting piece of mind with the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program. Need to leave work due to an unexpected event? No problem! Through GRH you receive up to six FREE rides per year. 


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