Guaranteed Ride Home

Guaranteed Ride Home logoMany people let legitimate fears of being stranded at the office or being unable to respond to a family emergency, keep them from taking advantage of sustainable commuting options. With the GRH program you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride on transit, in a carpool or vanpool, walking or bicycling to work knowing that if plans should unexpectedly change you are covered - guaranteed.

Who Is Eligible?

Any employee or tenant of an A Better City TMA member company who is currently using public transit, carpool, vanpool, walking or biking to work at least three days a week or more, is eligible to join. Please review the GRH Program Rules and Procedures.

Register Today!

Step 1: In order to register you must first CREATE a COMMUTER PROFILE. Or if you already have a commuter profile, please login. Registration links will only work once you are logged in to your commuter profile.

Step 2: Click on button below. 


Register Today!

How does the program work?

  • Create a Commuter Profile or LOGIN to your existing account
  • REGISTER for the Guaranteed Ride Home program and take advantage of up to 6 FREE rides per year (based upon calendar year).
  • Once you register, you will receive an electronic voucher detailing rules & regulations and the number of our service provider, Metro Cab. 
  • When an emergency arises, call Metro Cab directly at 617-782-5500; A Better City TMA will cover all costs for your trip including gas, tolls and gratuity, no distance limits!
  • Use of the program is permitted when there is no public transit within 30 minutes of when you need to leave or if you need to reach your destination sooner than the time it takes on transit.
  • Upon completion of your ride simply submit your confirmation report and a new voucher will be issued to you.


Guaranteed Ride Home Pilot 

  1. You must be already registered in the Guaranteed Ride Home program to take a ride. Upon approval of your Guaranteed Ride Home registration, you will still receive a voucher generated by our website and accessible through your account.
  2. When you need a ride, you will no longer be required to call Metro Cab predetermined vendor. Use any ride service you wish to get home.
  3. Once you have taken your ride, make sure to submit a confirmation report about your ride on our website.
  4. If you take a ride with a provider other than Metro Cab, submit the receipt for your ride to us via email (
  5. Once we have approved your confirmation report we will process your receipt for reimbursement and/or issue you a new voucher. No new voucher or reimbursement will be issued until we receive the confirmation report and it is approved.
  6. All program participants will still receive a maximum of six vouchers per year


  • Unscheduled over time
  • Emergency for yourself or someone you care for and you need to travel home, hospital, etc.
  • Illness for yourself or someone you care for and you need to travel home, hospital, etc.
  • For cyclists, your bike is damaged on you way to work and public transit is not available within 30 minutes of when you need to travel home, hospital, etc.



  • Travel from home to work
  • Inclement weather or city/state/national emergencies
  • MBTA service failure
  • For a ride home following out of work time celebrations
  • Scheduled meetings, scheduled overtime, or events taking place after normal business hours
  • Building Evacuations


Tips for a smooth ride

  • Submit a confirmation report after each usage in order to receive your new travel voucher. New vouchers can take up to five business days to receive following the submittal of a confirmation report. ABC TMA operates on a 9am to 5pm, Mon-Fri schedule; we are not able to assist you if you need your voucher number outside of this time frame.
  • Register before an emergency arises! Registration can take up to five business days to process. If you wait until there is an actual emergency we may not be able to assist you. ABC TMA does not reimburse participants who have paid their own cab fare.