Commuter Benefits Programs

Let us help you find your way

Commuting is a large part of your life and may leave you with many questions.  What is the fastest or most economical way to work?  Are there others commuting from my town that I could share a ride with?  Does my employer offer a subsidy for my commute?  Could I be using my commute time better?  A Better City TMA is there to answer your commute questions and more importantly provide you with solutions to create the best way to work.

Below is a listing and description of A Better City TMA’s programs designed to make commuting easier:



Bike Benefits Program

Get reimbursed up to $50 a year for bike locks, helmets, and general maintenance in the Bike Benefit program.



Guaranteed Ride Home

Your commuting insurance!  Provides a FREE ride home in the event of unscheduled over time or an emergency/ illness for yourself or someone you care for.  Rides are provided by Metro Cab.


Workout to Work logo

Workout to Work

Incorporate active commuting (walking/ bicycling) into your work trips and you could win great commuter prizes each month! 


Ride Matching logo

Ride Matching

Find a match!  A Better City TMA encourages commuters to take advantage of NuRide; a secure, FREE and easy ridematching system assisting commuters in finding carpool partners. 


Express Yourself logo

Bus & Boat Subsidy

Cash incentives for drive alone commuters to try out the MBTA Commuter Boats, MBTA express busses, or a private bus carrier. 


Carpool Subsidy logo

Carpool Subsidy Program

No need to drive alone to work! Receive free gas when you form a new carpool or join an existing carpool. 


Vanpool Subsidy logo

Vanpool Subsidy

Ditch driving all together and  join a vanpool. Receive cash incentives while you try out your new commute! Find an existing vanpool or start your own utilizing vRide, a free and real time software program.